Coffee Shop

Geo Wiener S.A is willing to offer the Haitian population a suitable place to relax, where clients could, with a cup of high quality coffee and pastries forget, for a moment, the stress of the daily life. This concept will be launched starting September 2012, in the national airport.
The objective of the company is to provide customers a place where they could be in direct contact with the knowledge acquired through several years of experience, to allow them to fully appreciate all the subtleties Café Selecto has to offer.

The company has thus developed new alliances and strengthened old ones, to increase the number of coffee shops and patisseries. With the Marie Béliard partnership for example, Geo Wiener is becoming closer to its customers.


Geo Wiener S.A. is also looking for diversifying its products, to offer more choices to its clients.
Therefore, some other concepts are currently under consideration, for example the production of chocolate or peanut butter.

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